How To Play

Welcome to loftleague is a newly online fantasy cricket website in India. Start Your Playing Journey with loftleague:

Follow these five steps to get started:

1. Select a Match

Select any one of the upcoming match from any of the current or upcoming series.

2. Create Your Team

Use your cricket skills to create your own team by selecting 11 players using 100 credit points.

3. Choose your C & VC

Select your Captain and Vice Captain in your selected paying11. This will help you earn extra points. 2x points for the Captain & 1.5x points for the Vice-Captain based on their on-field performance.

4. Join Free & Cash Contests

Join any cash or free contests with your playing11. You can create up to 6 teams for a match and join multi contests with your created teams.

5. Win Cash Prizes.

Earn points on the basis of your selected player performance in your team. Your Rank will decide on your team points, and your winning amount will decide on your rank. Defeat your opponents and win cash prizes.

Manage your team:

You can edit your teams to your loftleague teams as you like until the deadline of that match!

You can also change your Captain or Vice Captain before the deadline of the match. Select the “Edit Team” button to make changes to your team.

Make sure you keep an eye on which of your players are playing the match and keep your session updated at all times.

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